Roller coaster physics, maths but mostly fun!

Roller coaster physics, maths but mostly fun!

IMG_20140830_153449Thanks to someone stealing my Tesco  club card points last year (and Nanny buying one too!) we have managed to afford Merlin passes for the whole family! So how does that link in with our home education journey? Well, after a visit to Chessington World of Adventures. I got thinking about the way a rollercoaster works and the k-nex coaster set the boys had sitting in a drawer. IMG_20140830_133208So I got googling and planning!

So the boys built the k-nex rollercoaster and we looked at books from the library and the internet to find out the physics of how rollercoasters work. We learnt about friction, magnetics, gravity, potential energy and kinetic energy. Shortly we will be making our own (marble) coaster which I will blog about afterwards!

We found a great maths book that used rollercoasters as a basis for lots of different maths applications. Including comparing numbers, converting measurements, finding information in a table, ordering numbers, working out areas and more.

IMG_20140830_140506The boys have been researching lots more about rollercoasters and theme parks and are going to be compiling a scrapbook/lapbook each to show what they have learnt and the facts they’ve found. This is including the history of rollercoasters themselves and a chosen theme park. I’m looking forward to reading these and will do a short blog post for you to see too!

Art has been exciting too. Have you seen the lovely photos people take with a sunset behind a rollercoaster track? Well we’ve been sketching track ideas and using different mediums to create a sunset back ground. A couple of weeks ago we had an impromptu art lesson on the pavement!

IMG_20140925_145649-MIX IMG_20140925_145654-MIX IMG_20140925_145928-MIX


So much learning … but so much fun!!

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