Cutting and colours

Cutting and colours


Today our house has been slowly, or not so slowly, filling up with teeny tiny bits of paper. Can’t just blame the kids though I have been merrily cutting things out too.

I recently subscribed to twinkl  ( It has some great resource on and because it is all in one place it’s easy to use and i don’t waste time googling and trawling through lots of resources that don’t fit the bill.

My favourite at the moment are the fine motor skills and learning colours as that is what we are doing lots of with Annie-Rose.


11203075_10153336010264525_5681766777416087999_nToday I printed out a colour sorting cut and stick activity( cut out the colour groups and put them on the door,whichseconds as Annie-Roses display board. I then cut out half ofthe little pictures and popped them in a tub.We both sat by the door and Annie-Rose selected a picture,matched it to the right group, put some glue on it and stuck it on.I needed to be there with her to name the colours as she matched as she is still a little confused and often says everything is green!This activity is simple and could be home made but I just found it so easy to print off. Also as the pictures exactly match the group colours it is easier for learning colours.

It is easy to extend it too. You could look through a magazine or catalogue together cutting out coloured items and adding them to the groups too, or maybe find craft bits to add like pom poms  , sequins, pipe cleaners, foam stickers and buttons.

We didn’t finish all the pictures but we will do a few more later or tomorrow. Then maybe the same next week and the next to consolidate what she has learned. In fact she has just taken herself back to the door to do some more as I type, she must enjoy it!

So with my cutting those out and Isaac cutting out some more twinkl10891489_10153336007114525_2389337295695065719_n goodies for his Human Body project Annie Rose decided she’d like to play with scissors too. Hence the pile of cut up paper on the floor!

She really got the hang of scissors at Messy Church the other Sunday. I was helping supervise a paper weaving activity and she sat nearly the whole time next to me snipping up strips of paper until the table had a pile of confetti on!

So I am compiling a list of scissor practice idea to try out soon here are some:

Play dough– use scissor to cut up play dough can be easier than handling a floppy piece of paper so I start with this activity quite early too especially with those plastic toddler scissors you can get.

Strips of paper – a strip of paper is also easy to cut compared to a sheet of paper or magazine page so this is my choice for a tots first paper cutting activity.

Greetings cards – old Christmas cards and birthday cards etc make an interesting thing to cut and being card, but not too thick, is quite easy too.

Building control – to encourage greater accuracy you can then move onto following lines either ready made sheets from twinkl or other online printables, or drawing your own. You can use greeting cards and draw lines on them with a marker pen. Starting with straight lines then slight zigzag and waves. The depth of the waves and zigzags can be increased as they become more skilled with the scissor and are able to keep to the lines more accurately. Simple shapes like triangles and squares and circles are also good for improving accuracy.

Magazines – these can just be cut up into random pieces or you can look for picture together either as a sorting activity or as a fun picture making activity or simply to just cut out pictures of things you like.

Water colours

Water colours

Doing our caterpillar craft Annie Rose enjoyed using the pipette so much we carried on playing with it. It is great for fine motor skills.

But I had another  idea too. We had been using water colours to paint earlier that day so I took a brush and used the paint to tint two tubs of water one yellow and one blue.


I put them on the table for Annie Rose with an empty tub in between.

She enjoyed transferring the blue water to the tub in the middle.19522_10153308403709525_2368446677166776839_n

She tipped it back into the first tub, then transferred the yellow water to the tub in the middle.

She then decided to put both yellow and blue in.11156228_10153308402139525_5460543498143726154_nIt turned green and she noticed. “Look, green” she said.

(Although I am not convinced she knows her colours quite yet,

most things are green if you ask her!).


Making our colour display

Making our colour display

Annie Rose and I are having fun exploring colours so I thought it would be lovely to have a colours display. First we did a simple sticking activity.

IMG_20140909_092648I cut out a flower shape and we covered it in red paper squares. I then wrote out the word red and stuck it in the middle.



Then I decided we could paint a yellow sun so I cut out a yellow circle and with a sponge dabber Annie-Rose covered it in yellow paint. Again I wrote out the word yellow and added it to the middle.

Now for blue i thought we could have a river or stream.

So as you can paddle in streams we painted it with our feet! 10419998_10152998109434525_6886765660906586135_nThen had as much fun washing our feet and the mat!


We made a tree by painting a trunk using a comb to mark the thick brown paint, and stuck green tissue paper to make the leafy top.1517826_10152998109199525_2260352942237949477_n

We added a fluffy white cloud with cotton wool stuck on. But have decided to take a break to do some wintery craft.

Hope you enjoyed our post, coming soon Do you want to build a snowman!

Painting with toddlers

Painting with toddlers

After the failure of the first attempt, Annie Rose screamed when she touched the paint and was even concerned when we painted with our hands and feet to show her, I was reluctant to try again.

So second time I squirted some paint into a ziplock folder. I sealed it and stuck it to the table which has a white top so is perfect for this activity. IMG_20140821_101024I showed how dragging a finger across the folder made a white line, the table beneath, appear. She soon got bored with this though and just wanted to pull the folder off the table. So i peeled off the tape and let her explore the folder eventually we ended up with it on the floor and found it made pretty good footprints. I did reinforce the zipper with more tape though!

Third time round I was brave, I got out the big plastic mat and lay it on the floor. I had a large piece of paper (a section of lining paper which is an art supply must have!) and I splodged some paint directly onto it. Annie Rose was totally happy with it this time and you should see the mess … well actually you can!2014-08-26

Colour Sorting

Colour Sorting

Why go to great lengths to buy or make activities to teach colours when there are plenty of opportunities around you and in the simplest of toys. It doesn’t need to be complicated educating children at home, especially the young ones, and 16 months isn’t too young!
Annie Rose loves putting things in and out of pots, boxes and bags. So as we sat doing just that together the other day I set out her stacking cups and began to fill each one with the matching coloured toys around us.colour sorting using stacking cups

I’m not expecting her to know the colour names and match them just yet but as we do this she will begin to notice what I am doing and repeat the colours as she repeats many other words I use. Understanding will follow as I expand this as her knowledge increases to saying things like “look at this yellow flower!” or “where is Mummies Blue car?”
We’ll do colour hunts taking a coloured cup or tub and wandering off round the house and garden filling it with items we find the same colour.
All done playing the games she enjoys anyway and no formal learning in sight!

It’s exciting knowing all this playing of games and fun playing are to come!