Hairy caterpillar craft

Hairy caterpillar craft

We take part in a matchbox swop group on Facebook. Each month there is a new theme and those wishing to take part are partnered up. We then fill a matchbox with items fitting the theme and post it to our partners. This month the theme was spring so Annie Rose and I made our box and sent it off. Annie Rose was excited when she opened the one sent to her. They had made the box into a sheep and amongst lots of lovely stickers, activity sheets and even a cute sheep finger puppet was a packet of cress seeds. And so our next craft was born!
11188297_10153308404639525_2569034946834769675_nYou need:
cress seed
Long egg box
Googly eyes
Pipe cleaner
Cotton wool


11182034_10153308404729525_4742802111304399126_nI cut a strip off an egg box and an extra bit for the head. We stuck some googly eyes and two bits of pipe cleaner to make the head.

We then stuck it onto the strip of egg box.




Annie Rose put some cotton wool into each dip 1908198_10153308400784525_2630160479725269075_n

11188305_10153308402889525_4601682132332385379_nthen used her pipette to drip water onto them until they were damp.




She then took a pinch of cress seed from my hand and


sprinkled the seed over the cotton wool.


We placed our little caterpillar on the window ledge.

It will be interesting seeing the cress grow and Annie Rose reaction to it.

Then we can eat it in our sandwiches ūüôā

Nature Sun catchers

Nature Sun catchers

11150291_10153301780919525_3151990141009459977_nInspired by something on Facebook Annie Rose and I went off on a petal, leaf and flower hunt. We took a little bowl and went round the garden looking for interesting shaped leaves and petals which had dropped, we did pinch a few flowers too(but made sure there was plenty to still brighten the garden).11016816_10153301780989525_77535446753399171_n





I took a piece of card, an amazon packet which was perfect as it was already folded like a book, and I cut out a rectangle from one side then use it as a template to draw and cut out a matching template on the other side. I took some good old sticky back plastic blue Peter style and tapped it to the inside of one of the frames so it was like a sticky window. We then place leaves, petals and flowers all over it.¬†I took another piece of sticky back plastic and stuck it to the other side so the sticky side was up,on the inside, again. I then closed the “book”frame up so the sticky sides met each other enclosing our flowery picture. I taped it shut.11150286_10153301780719525_7729638061028365520_n

It looks so pretty especially when held up to the window. So we hung it from the window handle in Annie Rose’s room.11133838_10153301780834525_4552202146044618573_n


Spring has begun ….I hope!

Spring has begun ….I hope!



Yesterday was a lovely sunny day here. Felt like spring had finally arrived. Looks as warm  today so I thought I would share some of the spring like activities we have been enjoying.

A few weeks ago we decided to plant some little plug plants out in tubs. We tidied up a little and got two flower pots full of soil. Annie Rose was happily digging away with a trowel in the pots when with a sequel she said ” tared me tared nake!” (Which translated means I’m scared there’s a snake!) So I peered round to where she had backed away from and as she clung to me I burst into laughter. There wrigglyling around on the path was a worm, not even a big worm, but then she’d not really seen worms before. We had been sorting the back garden out and¬† only a small portion was child proof and last summer she’d spent most time in the garden in her sandpit or paddling pool.¬† Anyway she got over her fright and we held a few wiggly worms and by the end if the day every mini beast she saw she said “my ave it” with cupped hands held out in front of her. She did get the little fuchsia plants into the pots in the end too, with the help of big brother Jacob.

IMG_20150402_102453-COLLAGEIn the run up to Easter we decided to make Easter nests to give out as Easter gifts. Such a simple task I let Annie Rose do all of it on her own (except melt the chocolate!).She did a great job she tipped the rice crispies into the melted chocolate, stirred them, spooned them mixture into the cases and added the mini eggs. She even managed not to sample any of it, or lick her fingers. You should have seen her face when I handed her the chocolately spoon to lick!

Annie Rose is much more aware of the outdoors now. She spent a lot of yesterday beheading/picking daisies. A few days ago we went for a little walk around the village which is a slow process when a toddler stops to look at everything! We began to notice the different leaves around us. So we picked a selection chatting about size shape and colour as we did.


Sunday saw us strolling in a park where we found lots of feathers so we collected them and brought them home. Annie Rose and I decided to use them to make a bird collage. I drew a bird shape and cut it out. Annie Rose covered it in glue and we stuck on the feathers and a googly eye, it looked really effective.



Today we are inspired by the bees we have seen more often buzzing round our Muscari. So I cut a kitchen roll tube IMG_20150407_092902-COLLAGEinto 3 prices and we painted them yellow. When they are dry we will stick strips of black paper round them, bubble wrap circles on for wings and of course a couple of googly eyes.

Then as we played outside this afternoon we wandered down the street and looked at the flowers. This reminded me of a craft activity i had all prepped and ready which was perfect for today. So we sat on the door step armed with paper plates, paper cutouts and a glue stick. She needed a little more help with this one but enjoyed it all the same.



I have so many ideas I want to try based on spring but never the IMG_20150407_155544time to do them all!

Of course with all this activity came amply learning opportunities. We reinforced the understanding of 2 items by putting 2 eggs in each nest. We touched on more and less when we put 1 or 3 by mistake. We spoke of colours with painting the bees, making the flower and looking at the flowers growing around us. There was lots of fine motor skills in the painting, sticking, stirring and transferring by spoon. Also much dancing, jumping, skipping and running took place as we went outside to explore.

Can you feel it? Art

Can you feel it? Art


This week I went out for a well earned treat of coffee (and cream tea) with a dear friend. Just us girlies for a change. But I wanted to leave the boys some work to do, but something a bit different to the usual reading and maths practice they do.

I had picked up a book from the library about art so I looked through it for inspiration. The book is The Usbourne book of Famous paintings. It has 35 famous paintings with a page full of information and ideas about the painting and the artist. I’d recommend it as an introduction to a range of artists and their work.

I came to The Scream by Edvard Munch. The writer¬†spoke about how the painting portrays intense feelings. So i set the boys a challenge. To look at The Scream and it’s description¬†then produce their own piece of artwork to portray a feeling.10943925_10153010661359525_8036422239502982511_n

I returned from my tea shop visit (Ditchling tearooms by the way, well worth a visit!) to 3 boys eager to show me their pictures. But each had misunderstood my challenge. They had all drawn pictures of something that would cause them to feel a certain way. A house on fire, or someone separated from a colourful football match, and a sweet cottage sandwiched between a busy city and a smoky factory. So the pictures didn’t quite portray a feeling but rather a situation that would cause you to feel sad, lonely or scared etc.

After Lunch we got out the pencils and felt pens and set about drawing. This time we explored together how we could use different colours, lines and shading techniques to help show different feelings. 10455120_10153010661309525_6154087324687620159_nWe split a page into 4 and wrote one feeling in each quarter then imagine we felt that way and filled in that quarter of the page in lines, colours and shading we felt portrayed that feeling. The emotions we chose were anger, confusion, fear and joy. Once we’d created these keys to our way of presenting the emotions we created an A4 piece of art to portray one of the emotions. Then we created a display with them all.

It made us think beyond the creation of a picture of1526094_10153010661394525_559278814388354883_n an object or place instead thinking about how the lines shading and colour effected the way they appeared and the feelings they represent through the picture.

Do you want to build a snow man?

Do you want to build a snow man?


So Disney’s Frozen is really popular … but not in our house. The boys watched it but really weren’t impressed and Annie-Rose is just too little.

But we want to build a snowman!!!!

Problem 1 … no snow

Problem 2 … still no snow

and i could go on! We didn’t have snow last year, in fact we often don’t get snow. So we searched through the craft cupboard again.

Meet ‘noman, as Annie Rose calls him.


Yes we got the paint and glue out again! She loved pulling the cotton wool apart and spreading the glue out with a chunky paint brush. Her skill at holding the paintbrush and controlling in it is really improving.

So now I am planning more snowy, wintry themed activities and praying for a little (well quite a lot) of snow for my baby girl to have fun in! Hope to post more activity ideas and pictures of us playing in the snow soon!

Making our colour display

Making our colour display

Annie Rose and I are having fun exploring colours so I thought it would be lovely to have a colours display. First we did a simple sticking activity.

IMG_20140909_092648I cut out a flower shape and we covered it in red paper squares. I then wrote out the word red and stuck it in the middle.



Then I decided we could paint a yellow sun so I cut out a yellow circle and with a sponge dabber Annie-Rose covered it in yellow paint. Again I wrote out the word yellow and added it to the middle.

Now for blue i thought we could have a river or stream.

So as you can paddle in streams we painted it with our feet! 10419998_10152998109434525_6886765660906586135_nThen had as much fun washing our feet and the mat!


We made a tree by painting a trunk using a comb to mark the thick brown paint, and stuck green tissue paper to make the leafy top.1517826_10152998109199525_2260352942237949477_n

We added a fluffy white cloud with cotton wool stuck on. But have decided to take a break to do some wintery craft.

Hope you enjoyed our post, coming soon Do you want to build a snowman!

Painting with toddlers

Painting with toddlers

After the failure of the first attempt, Annie Rose screamed when she touched the paint and was even concerned when we painted with our hands and feet to show her, I was reluctant to try again.

So second time I squirted some paint into a ziplock folder. I sealed it and stuck it to the table which has a white top so is perfect for this activity. IMG_20140821_101024I showed how dragging a finger across the folder made a white line, the table beneath, appear. She soon got bored with this though and just wanted to pull the folder off the table. So i peeled off the tape and let her explore the folder eventually we ended up with it on the floor and found it made pretty good footprints. I did reinforce the zipper with more tape though!

Third time round I was brave, I got out the big plastic mat and lay it on the floor. I had a large piece of paper (a section of lining paper which is an art supply must have!) and I splodged some paint directly onto it. Annie Rose was totally happy with it this time and you should see the mess … well actually you can!2014-08-26