Pyjamma Day … at last!

Pyjamma Day … at last!

19488_10153093119884525_6706094615295604162_nA year ago I posted our first blog. We had just given in our de-registration letter, had our half-term and were embarking on our new adventure together (well the twins joined us about a week later).

But I believe today is the first pyjama day we’ve had since then!

There goes the ideas all home educators sit around in pyjamas all day everyday!


We’ve had a really busy year trying out lots of different activities, workbooks, websites, games and curriculums. Some we have loved some we’ve used but adapted, some were not right for us at all. It’s actually amazing how much we have done looking back on this last year.


But today is a day off (our half term) …

Luke has been immersed in his art work again. Isaac has also been drawing.11021239_10153093119559525_4296955750893119439_n

Annie Rose has been playing with her new toy sink, pumping water to make the tap work.

Jacob has been using the lego mindstorm set my lovely cousin gave them for Christmas.

Oh, and we all snuggled together with our flat whites, americanos or mochas and watched The comic relief bake off (couldn’t stop laughing about the onion being peeled with a vegetable peeler!).1505557_10153093120119525_7529415256387515793_n

I made Annie Rose a fun and flowery lunch.


Annie Rose also stuck the regal ice hearts she’d cut out onto the cakes she had made the day before.

I can’t believe how much learning has taken place today with out any structure, timetable or even getting dressed. I don’t think it would work everyday, some of us like structure, but it’s a great relaxed way to learn. Perhaps we will have regular chilled out learning sessions like this … in our PJs of course 🙂


3 thoughts on “Pyjamma Day … at last!

  1. This looks like a great day, the thing I love about home ed is how even when it feels like you aren’t doing much at all, there is actually lots of learning happening
    . Thanks for linking up to #homeedwed

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