The best part of an activity when you are two? … the washing up!

The best part of an activity when you are two? … the washing up!

So today we got our pretend snow out again today, (see for our first cloud dough activity). But this time we used some new tools.10953955_10153035377489525_6496105933473103121_n Firstly we made a snow teddy with a sand mould we unearthed in the loft yesterday. we even hid the mini compare bears in the big teddy mould then had fun excavating to find them again. There was again much talk about how soft and silky the “snow” felt. We even spent some time throwing it up in the air which left Annie Rose with a generous sprinkling all over her hair!

10629778_10153035377904525_4735475434382492462_nI went to a local shop full of learning toys last week and couldn’t resist this pack of fine motor skills tools. There is cute little tweezers shaped like a crocodile; a pipette just the right size for a toddlers little chubby hands; a scoop which uses a tweezer action to open and close and a scoop which uses a scissor action.

We explored our play snow with the scoops. Annie-Rose wasn’t able to use them all that well but she really enjoyed trying. Especially using the scissor scoop with both hands.

But the best part of the activity was when we cleared away the snow and put a bowl of very bubbly washing up water on the floor for her to clean the scoops, moulds and compare bears. 10647172_10153035377669525_2785873006621031808_nI used her bubble bath in shallow warm water and whisked it up with my hand whisk to make extra suds that are kind to her skin. Definitely her favourite part of the morning and gave two sensory/fine motor skill activities rolled into one!


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