LET IT SNOW!!!! in the kitchen??

LET IT SNOW!!!! in the kitchen??

We had snow! On Tuesday we woke up to shouts of “it’s snowing!” coming from the living room. Sure enough when I pulled back the curtains the world outside was white … well white-ish. A sprinkling of snow had settled and snowflakes were indeed still floating down. But by the time we’d had breakfast it had ceased and the sun was shining. 10426336_10153011617244525_4886892959819954937_n

So we quickly slipped on snow boots and took Annie Rose outside. She wasn’t all that impressed although did insist on staying outside, as did the boys. But there wasn’t even enough to leave footprints in let alone build snowmen.

Last night I made a bowl of snow, pretend snow of course. I looked for winter activities and found that lots of people had used a homemade moon sand recipe as a snow alternative. It’s basically 1 part baby oil to 4 parts flour. It feels and smells lovely. It’s crumbly but you can compact it into shapes easily too.


I made mine with plain flour so it had a rather off white, almost dirty looking, colour. So I think next time I will try to use cornflour for that fresh white snow look.

Annie Rose and I first just squished it in our hands 10931264_10153011621419525_3792822757495057198_nand then sifted it through our fingers.

Annie Rose liked the texture (unlike paint!). Then I got a little tub and a spoon and we made snow castles. We haven’t any little arctic animals so a few of the compare bears came to play in the snow instead.

The time was getting on so I had to begin getting dinner ready but Annie Rose happily sat playing with her tray of snow on the floor.

Mostly she hid the bears then found them again.10410601_10153011621624525_3473724718167452140_n

This activity was most definitely a hit and needs repeating. Clear up is easy too! a quick sweep up was all it took. I kept the snow that had remained in the tray and put it in a bowl covered with cling film and it should be fine for a few more plays.



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