Can you feel it? Art

Can you feel it? Art


This week I went out for a well earned treat of coffee (and cream tea) with a dear friend. Just us girlies for a change. But I wanted to leave the boys some work to do, but something a bit different to the usual reading and maths practice they do.

I had picked up a book from the library about art so I looked through it for inspiration. The book is The Usbourne book of Famous paintings. It has 35 famous paintings with a page full of information and ideas about the painting and the artist. I’d recommend it as an introduction to a range of artists and their work.

I came to The Scream by Edvard Munch. The writer spoke about how the painting portrays intense feelings. So i set the boys a challenge. To look at The Scream and it’s description then produce their own piece of artwork to portray a feeling.10943925_10153010661359525_8036422239502982511_n

I returned from my tea shop visit (Ditchling tearooms by the way, well worth a visit!) to 3 boys eager to show me their pictures. But each had misunderstood my challenge. They had all drawn pictures of something that would cause them to feel a certain way. A house on fire, or someone separated from a colourful football match, and a sweet cottage sandwiched between a busy city and a smoky factory. So the pictures didn’t quite portray a feeling but rather a situation that would cause you to feel sad, lonely or scared etc.

After Lunch we got out the pencils and felt pens and set about drawing. This time we explored together how we could use different colours, lines and shading techniques to help show different feelings. 10455120_10153010661309525_6154087324687620159_nWe split a page into 4 and wrote one feeling in each quarter then imagine we felt that way and filled in that quarter of the page in lines, colours and shading we felt portrayed that feeling. The emotions we chose were anger, confusion, fear and joy. Once we’d created these keys to our way of presenting the emotions we created an A4 piece of art to portray one of the emotions. Then we created a display with them all.

It made us think beyond the creation of a picture of1526094_10153010661394525_559278814388354883_n an object or place instead thinking about how the lines shading and colour effected the way they appeared and the feelings they represent through the picture.


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