Making our colour display

Making our colour display

Annie Rose and I are having fun exploring colours so I thought it would be lovely to have a colours display. First we did a simple sticking activity.

IMG_20140909_092648I cut out a flower shape and we covered it in red paper squares. I then wrote out the word red and stuck it in the middle.



Then I decided we could paint a yellow sun so I cut out a yellow circle and with a sponge dabber Annie-Rose covered it in yellow paint. Again I wrote out the word yellow and added it to the middle.

Now for blue i thought we could have a river or stream.

So as you can paddle in streams we painted it with our feet! 10419998_10152998109434525_6886765660906586135_nThen had as much fun washing our feet and the mat!


We made a tree by painting a trunk using a comb to mark the thick brown paint, and stuck green tissue paper to make the leafy top.1517826_10152998109199525_2260352942237949477_n

We added a fluffy white cloud with cotton wool stuck on. But have decided to take a break to do some wintery craft.

Hope you enjoyed our post, coming soon Do you want to build a snowman!


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