Do you want to build a snow man?

Do you want to build a snow man?


So Disney’s Frozen is really popular … but not in our house. The boys watched it but really weren’t impressed and Annie-Rose is just too little.

But we want to build a snowman!!!!

Problem 1 … no snow

Problem 2 … still no snow

and i could go on! We didn’t have snow last year, in fact we often don’t get snow. So we searched through the craft cupboard again.

Meet ‘noman, as Annie Rose calls him.


Yes we got the paint and glue out again! She loved pulling the cotton wool apart and spreading the glue out with a chunky paint brush. Her skill at holding the paintbrush and controlling in it is really improving.

So now I am planning more snowy, wintry themed activities and praying for a little (well quite a lot) of snow for my baby girl to have fun in! Hope to post more activity ideas and pictures of us playing in the snow soon!


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