Rollercoaster scrap books

Rollercoaster scrap books


So I told you all about our roller coaster project and all the amazing learning opportunities it is providing along with masses of fun!

Here’s the evidence of the learning part.10401498_10152994021729525_3862603285333448516_n
The boys were tasked with finding out as much as possible about roller coasters and theme parks.

This was to be displayed in a scrapbook (with imagination!).


They were also to include the things we’d learnt in “lessons” like the physics, leaflet design including what a leaflet needs and why, and rollercoaster poems.
I gave them pointers for their research like the names of a few roller coaster of differing types for them to look at and record facts about, the history of roller coasters including what and where was the first roller coaster, which is the highest, longest, most loops etc,and how does a roller coaster work is there different mechanisms?

And I’m proud to show some of the results here! 🙂

10915187_10152994021479525_2058498510871402970_n 1689401_10152994020959525_3248802072281639988_n10917092_10152994022239525_7886777421048599270_n 10922443_10152994020779525_6933499596636647601_n 10924782_10152994021244525_2935459187223612671_n


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