Tissue paper rain, or leaves, or ….

Tissue paper rain, or leaves, or ….

So we wanted to have some sensory fun, but didn’t have much time to clear up and wasn’t in a messy mood. (well I wasn’t anyway, think toddlers always are, at last mine is!) So i had a look in my art and craft store. a corner of a cupboard often neglected over the last few years. I found my box of tissue paper scraps. I think I probably came out of the cupboard with a light bub above my head 🙂IMG_20140829_150620

Downstairs i took out a recently purchased washing up bowl and tipped in the tissue scraps. Annie Rose and I stirred them with a spoon, hid pooh bear, tigger, rabbit and piglet in the tissue and then dug around announcing ” ‘ere is!” when we found them. IMG_20140829_154943

We’d had enough of the bowl so we each took handfuls and threw them up in the air watching them fall down like snowflakes or autumn leaves. After much throwing we swept them into a pile and kicked through them just like they were autumn leaves.IMG_20140829_154955

On a different day we did use them for a more traditional art activity. I sorted out the red pieces and we made a red flower collage for our colours display. (see Making our colours display blog coming soon) Annie Rose was most impressed with painting on the glue so I put on most of the tissue paper!


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