Painting with toddlers

Painting with toddlers

After the failure of the first attempt, Annie Rose screamed when she touched the paint and was even concerned when we painted with our hands and feet to show her, I was reluctant to try again.

So second time I squirted some paint into a ziplock folder. I sealed it and stuck it to the table which has a white top so is perfect for this activity. IMG_20140821_101024I showed how dragging a finger across the folder made a white line, the table beneath, appear. She soon got bored with this though and just wanted to pull the folder off the table. So i peeled off the tape and let her explore the folder eventually we ended up with it on the floor and found it made pretty good footprints. I did reinforce the zipper with more tape though!

Third time round I was brave, I got out the big plastic mat and lay it on the floor. I had a large piece of paper (a section of lining paper which is an art supply must have!) and I splodged some paint directly onto it. Annie Rose was totally happy with it this time and you should see the mess … well actually you can!2014-08-26


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