Piles of Pasta!!!

Piles of Pasta!!!

Food_Differring_meal_Pasta_033585_We get through lots of pasta in our house. The boys love pasta and eat tons of it! But the reason I’m posting my pasta usage is because it provides lots of fun activities for my little tot too.


So I thought I would share my pasta plans with you all … some achieved others still in the planning stage!

Fine motor skills threading. Today we did pasta threading. We used the large tube type pasta.10534169_10152629236159525_4809658305560626734_n I curled the end of some big pipe cleaners into a ring and twisted it then showed Annie Rose how to thread a pasta tube onto it (the ring stopped them slipping off the other end.

She enjoyed tipping it up to slide them all off again too!


Cooked Pasta sensory play 

11281_10152629236469525_1253541675727285104_nThen of course there is playing with cooked pasta. We chose spaghetti! But decided to compare textures by having a bowl of raw oats and a bowl of uncooked pasta twists too. She loved mixing them up and plenty of the spaghetti got munched too!




Fine motor skills using spoons and other utensils

We  have often got various tubs and spoons out with a bowl of pasta to practice using a spoon and being able to move it from one bowl to another. She spends ages doing this with her tea sets cups plates and saucepans.

Next we want to try large tweezers and kids chopsticks to further this activity to hone her fine motor skills.

Other Pasta play we intend to try…

Stacking/threading…Cheerios stacked onto a piece of uncooked spaghetti (poked into play dough to stand up)

Poking … Spaghetti (uncooked) can be poked into holes on a colander or cocoa /flour/icing sugar dusting pot.

Pasta necklaces… Two ideas here. One uses uncooked pasta threaded onto wool or a lace. The other is cooked pasta threaded onto strawberry sweet laces (or fruit strings). (can also do with cheerios!)

Pasta pictures… Easy and fun, squidge lots of glue onto card or thick paper and cover in different pasta shapes!

Sorting..Of course you can colour pasta and use it for colour sorting games and mix up a few different types and sort it by shape or size too.

I think we will also repeat the cooked spaghetti activity but I will add food colouring whilst cooking to make it more interesting.

So much fun to be had with Pasta before we’ve even got to the let’s learn to cook stage!!


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