DIY Peek-a-boo blocks

DIY Peek-a-boo blocks

I love the idea of the peek-a-boo blocks you can buy…BUT not the price! So i decided to make my own!

I love repurposing/recycling so I soon found the ideal materials. I’d been buying little pots of fruity custard for Annie-Rose as an easy snack or pudding especially for when time was short or we needed something easy to take out. I had keep so many of the little tubs my cupboard was almost overflowing with them!

So instead of filling them with little snacks as i had been doing I scooped up a few and went on the hunt for interesting objects small enough to fit inside the tubs. I started at my craft drawers and found big sequins, buttons, beads, ribbons and little fabric flowers. I put them each into a tub.


Now these lids fit pretty well and aren’t likely to pop off BUT with teeny objects in and a babies/toddler like of putting things in their mouth I would warn against leaving a child alone with these, and even suggest you glue the lids on.

Annie-Rose enjoyed looking at them but soon passed me one and said “stuck” showing me she wanted to get at the contents not just look. So we took off the lids and explored them together. She liked pouring the beads and buttons from one container to another. But she did try to pop a bead in her mouth once or twice so I gave her something else and hid the beads away.10501612_10152576627604525_4521306613809162040_n

At 17 months she wanted more than just to look but younger babies would like to shake and look at them. The small tubs are easy to hold too.


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