Trays and Tents

Trays and Tents


Another quick make of an activity for Annie Rose! First I wanted a sensory, mark making activity. So I went to the cupboard rejected the flour as we’ve done it many times before, rejected soapy suds for the same reason then I spotted a pack of bulgar wheat sat all lonely in the cupboard and decided it was about time it was used! I took a tray and poured in the wheat, rummaged in the draw for plastic spoons and forks. Then I just popped it on the floor in front of Annie Rose. First I let her explore it alone, then i fetched a cupcake tin and spooned some wheat from the tray into it. We drew circles and squiggles in the wheat with our fingers and transferred it back and forth from tray to tray. Before the mess got too wide-spread (easy to clear up though!) we tidied up and tried another game.


I got out my clothes dryer and spread a sheet over it, put a chair behind and we had a tent/tunnel! In she went and we piled in cushions and teddies, then books. Then she played for ages going through from back to the front, or pulling the door closed and played peek a boo!

All in all too very easy fun effective games and learning tools.


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