Colour Sorting

Colour Sorting

Why go to great lengths to buy or make activities to teach colours when there are plenty of opportunities around you and in the simplest of toys. It doesn’t need to be complicated educating children at home, especially the young ones, and 16 months isn’t too young!
Annie Rose loves putting things in and out of pots, boxes and bags. So as we sat doing just that together the other day I set out her stacking cups and began to fill each one with the matching coloured toys around us.colour sorting using stacking cups

I’m not expecting her to know the colour names and match them just yet but as we do this she will begin to notice what I am doing and repeat the colours as she repeats many other words I use. Understanding will follow as I expand this as her knowledge increases to saying things like “look at this yellow flower!” or “where is Mummies Blue car?”
We’ll do colour hunts taking a coloured cup or tub and wandering off round the house and garden filling it with items we find the same colour.
All done playing the games she enjoys anyway and no formal learning in sight!

It’s exciting knowing all this playing of games and fun playing are to come!



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