about time we got arty again!

about time we got arty again!

I’m so busy planning activities for the core subjects sometimes the arts get lost! So yesterday on a whim we did art. The boys are always drawing but I wanted the to have some appreciation of the different styles art can incompass. At the moment we are reading our way through The Chronicles of Narnia. So we have also made a lapbook about C S Lewis. We are going to read a book about him too to find out about the history and some geography of when and where he lived. So we looked up an artist of the same time period. We settled on Edward Wadsworth.

Here is what we achieved unplanned in one afternoon! Our Art appreciation board

The boys found out some facts about him like when and where he lived. What influenced his art and what mediums he used. They then did their own picture copying his style. I printed out the letters ART stuck them on a large piece of card and pinned it up. We printed small pictures of the artist pictures they were using and tacked it all to make a neat little display!

We are looking forward to exploring another artist soon and making our own art copying their style. I’m hoping we’ll choose Monet next!



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