Mummeee, don’t forget me!!

Mummeee, don’t forget me!!


Well, sometimes i feel so busy sorting the boys out with lessons,

both sit down and write/study type and the activity based ones,

that I often feel Annie Rose is a little neglected!


So this morning I made a special activity just for her. It took all of 2 minutes to prepare but is great for developing hand eye co-ordinations and fine motor skills. It was a bit Blue Peter … although I didn’t have any sticky backed plastic!Image

I just took a large egg box (empty I might add!) turned it upside down and put holes in all the “peaks”. Then I cut a handful of straws a little shorter to make them easier to handle. We then sat together and put straws in the holes, took them out again, tried to fit two in one hole and put lots of straws in the dipped parts too.

She loves putting things in and out of boxes and bags. In Fact last time we were at the cinema she emptied my entire bag all over the floor, but at least we managed to watch the film … well most of it!

All that being said I think the time left to her own devices is important too. She loves pootling around by herself and is often engaged in many different types of play, such as looking at books, pressing buttons on everything she can (including the x-box!), and kissing, feeding and rocking her baby doll, emptying bricks out, building towers and generally making a big mess! I love to watch her playing so happily chattering away so happily! Image


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