To be (structured) or not to be…

To be (structured) or not to be…

So it’s been a long time since the last blog. The reason … we are sooooo busy! Really need to slow down.

 Its hard to find the balance in home educating sometimes.

Many people just go with the flow and unschool also known as autonomous learning.

But I need some structure and i know the boys do well with structure too.

So how much structure is enough?

We are in the middle of finding that out. Should it be a daily structure with x amount of hours on each subject then free time? or maybe it should be finish a piece of work or part of each day per subject , or maybe x hours per week per subject. Or a project completed in a week/months …. the ideas go on and on spilling over everything!

But maybe structure in itself doesn’t need to mean rigid daily or weekly expectations. 

But then again we go off on a tangent … a powerpoint on sea life and conservation due to a visit to the sealife centre.Soap carving after seeing sand sculptures and a quarry full of rock sculptures. Image



For us seeing progression feels important from the drawing of our sculpture idea to the slow appearance of its 3-d outcome as we chisel our bar of soap into shape to a piece of writing that’s planned, written, reworked and improved. 

We are finding somethings we really enjoy … like reading The Magicians Nephew together and making a lapbook about it. We enjoy our soap carving. One of the boys is whizzing away at a sequel to an audio book we listened to. They all enjoyed making a healthy menu/packed lunch and look forward making invites for Nanny and Grandad to come and sample it and watch their informative powerpoint presentation. 

So some things we follow a structure … but aren’t afraid to be autonomous when we find an interest to follow.


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