What a busy week!

What a busy week!

Pancakes, Birthday parties, Little Nannie and a very hot baby are just some of the keywords for our last week!

Since our last post things have felt a little less hectic, but we’ve done more!

Last Sunday saw a gathering of friends to celebrate Annie Roses first birthday, this Sunday saw a family party for the same reason. Both requiring much food preparation especially baking!


This co-incided with a visit from Little Nannie which meant lots of interesting lessons in art and sewing! Isaac and the twins enjoyed their lesson in painting with acrylics and produced some lovely pictures thanks to Little Nannies introduction of new techniques and lots of encouragement.

Infact, it has inspired me with some new idea for my own craft projects … so watch this space!

Sadly we’ve also had a visit from some nasty cold virus which turned Annie-Rose into a floppy cuddly hot water bottle! She even refused to eat some ice cream and cake. So her first shrove Tuesday (once eating solids!) has been pancake free as all she wants is milk.

But the rest of us have feasted on pancakes both savoury and sweet. Isaac researched recipes, found some he liked, copied them out by hand and then we made them together.

He mixed the batter, I stewed some apples, he made a yummy caramel sauce, i cooked and chopped some bacon and he grated some cheese. So we had pancakes with cheese and bacon followed by caramel apple pancakes with cream! Image


Thank you Isaac!


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