2 days in and…

2 days in and…

Well here we are two days in and hows it going?

Isaac had done 45 mins work by the time his classmates had begun registration today! He carried on until about 10 am had a break and then did more work until lunch at noon. Spent a little time doing a poster about how to keep healthy and read Annie Rose a story while she had her afternoon milk. He’s keen to say the least and working hard too. 

I am exhausted however! I suppose my problem shoulder and neck pain keeping me awake at night has a lot to do with that. But I’m also having to do more with planning, researching and the normal household duties.

This is what I expected though, well maybe without the neck/shoulder problem! Homeschooling takes effort especially right now while we are finding which resources work for us, what we like using and what interests we want to follow.

Tomorrow we are off to Hastings to start aSt Johns first aid course … well Isaac is doing the course. Annie Rose and I will find something to keep us occupied probably involving a coffee and  story time.

I am glad I have a night round a friends planned tomorrow night I’ll really enjoy the break!


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